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"Tomato Joss" is a lovey-dovey name/phrase used by men of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. It is used to describe a very beautiful and attractive young woman and is usually referred to lovers. Tomato being the keyword, is used to portray the smooth and tender skin of a woman as seen on the lush red skin of tomatoes.


Taiwo and Tabara are two young villagers who fell in love at a young age despite the hardships they both experienced. Together nonetheless, they were unstoppable and their love made them stronger. Eventually, their perseverance resulted in a successful partnership built on love.


Creative Team:

Producers & Creative directors: Chioma Obiegbu, Learon Coleman

Photographer: Learon Coleman

Set designer/stylist/hairstylist: Chioma Obiegbu

Creative assistant: Nova A.

Models: Taiwo Babatope and Tabara Sy

Men's clothing: Project96

Women's clothing: Rose Obiegbu

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