Bio: Chioma Obiegbu is a 23 year old multi-faceted artist, born and raised in Nigeria but currently reside in NYC. "My work, to me, has become personal which enables me to create passionately and even more authentically". 

Line of Work: Art/Creative director, editorial designer, casting director, model, graphic designer and visual artist.

Founder & CEO of Unsigned ModelsA platform for models of color who are not represented by an agency.

Web Creator: Unsigned Models, ColébyAmiCharis Foundation, Chioma Obiegbu

Interviews: i-D, Vice, Unlabelled Mag, CRWN Mag, ColorBloc Mag

Publications: InStyle, Vogue Italia (PhotoVogue), Hype Beast, Getty Images, SVGE Mag, ColorBloc Mag (cover)

Features: Vogue, Afropunk, Nataal, The Native Mag, The Creator Class, Adolescent Content, Osengwa, Pattern Beauty and more!

Clients & Jobs:

Erykah Badu - Editorial designer

Orange Culture - Casting director and model manager

Nappy Head Club - Producer and casting director

Jisu Art - Creative director

Modeling Experience

©2017 by Chioma Obiegbu

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