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Bio: Chioma Obiegbu is a multidisciplinary visual artist, born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria but currently resides in NYC. 

Line of Work 

Main: Art/Creative direction, editorial (costume) design, visual consultation.

Part-time: Set design, painting, modeling, casting.

Development: Mobile videography, graphic design, web design (Wix).

Clients & Positions:

Erykah Badu (editorial designer), Orange Culture (casting director & model manager), Unsigned Models (web & logo designer), Nappy Head Club (visual consultant, film editor & casting director), Alex Mali (editorial designer), Agnes Baddoo (creative director), Charis Foundation (web & logo designer).


Interviews: CRWN Mag, i-D, Vice, Unlabelled Mag, ColorBloc Mag

Publications: BBC News, InStyle, Vogue Italia (PhotoVogue), Hype Beast, Getty Images, SVGE Mag, ColorBloc Mag (cover)

Features (Social Media): Afropunk, Nataal, The Native Mag, Cosmopolitan, The Creator Class, Adolescent Content, Osengwa, Pattern Beauty, Agbara Mag and more!

Exhibitions: Photo flag flown in Rockefeller Center NYC.

Modeling Experience