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Galactic Woman

“Galactic Woman” centers on the outward beauty and intricacies of a full woman, which exhibits not just a positive body image but a powerful one. It also reflects two things: 1) an expression of identity that goes beyond outward appearances and 2) an unapologetic inner confidence that shatters the narrative of beauty standards as beauty does not only lie in the eyes of the beholder but more importantly and often overlooked, it lies in the eyes of the beheld. Additionally, this project came alive somewhere at the intersection of outward beauty, self-expression and trust.


I also wanted to pay homage to the Nigerian “Thick Madam”. This term, carried with a degree of respect, is usually referred to and reserved exclusively for full figure women. It often epitomizes a woman in her prime, a woman with expensive taste and sometimes, motherhood. I remember back home, when a woman had children, she was expected to put on some weight (as usual) and was also expected to retain that weight, as it symbolized the crossing over from woman to mother and it commanded respect. 

Poem by Chioma Obiegbu:

I looked up & I saw a bright light. 
I thought it was a shooting star but when it descended, I realized it was a woman…
a galactic woman. 
Her skin was like that of the galaxy & her hair glowed like a burning meteorite. 
her waist held flowing valleys & her hips stood like mountains. 
Her curves mimicked the ring of Saturn & the dimples on her body were like shallow rivers…
the ones with rocks in them to guide the flow. 
I nervously took one last look & I saw rugged streaks of lightning delicately placed on different parts of her velvet skin. 
At this moment, just as she opened her mouth to speak, 
I woke up from my dream.


Creative Team:

Creative directors: Chioma Obiegbu, Learon Coleman

Photographer: Learon Coleman

Hair Stylist: Mia's Monster Mash

Muse: Roseline Lawrence

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