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Black HAIRitage

“Black Hairitage” pays homage to our African roots through the transfiguration of the strands that sit proudly on our heads. The hairstyles were inspired by Nigerian and Madagascan women, specifically the Yoruba and Igbo tribes of Nigeria and the Betsimisaraka tribe of Madagascar. African hairstyles were primarily used to identify one’s tribe, social & marital status, family background, age, religion, royalty and even death in the family. It’s quite an artistic form of expression.


Creative Team:

Creative directors: Chioma Obiegbu, Learon Coleman

Photographer: Learon Coleman

Stylist: Chioma Obiegbu

Styling assistant: Kerane Marcellus

Hair Stylist: Helena Koudou of SlayedinBraids

Makeup Artist: Natalie Cardona

Models: Monjama Ken-Macarthy, Tabara Sy, Bri Findlay, & Awa Doumbia

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