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The blue and white or sometimes red, black and white checkered bags popularly known as Ghana - Must - Go in West Africa gained both popularity and an attachment to migration during the 1980s in Nigeria - West Africa - when millions of illegal Ghanian Nationals were expelled from Nigeria. Many of whom used the bags to pack up and courier their belongings back to Ghana, giving the bags their name. 

In recent times and with the advent of globalization, migration of people across neighboring borders and far continents have become a more recurring theme. Many people migrate seeking better economic prospects, job opportunities, education and marriage; carrying with them their belongings, cultures and beliefs. 

Anyi N’aga- We Are Going- through the lens of fashion, explores the themes of migration and heritage as they relate to the above mentioned points. While aesthetically drawing on the symbolism of the Ghana - Must - Go bags as they have been linked with travel and migration.

Creative Team:

Photography, Art Director and Set Design - Obinna Obioma  

DP - Lawrence Casseus 

Video Edit, and Post Production - Davidson Ogujiuba 

Model - Iman Akinkunmi 

Make Up - Jaelene Jaquez 

Designer and wardrobe Styling - Chioma Obiegbu

Wardrobe Styling - wuraola oladapo 

Photography and Lighting Assistant - Olusimi vijay Afun-Ogidan 

Video Voice Over - Uche Jacquie Idigb 

Song - Sonini by Sun-El Musician (feat Simmy & Lelo Kamau)


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