Welcome to Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is a beautiful destination! Surrounded with mountain landscapes like that of a surreal painting and ocean as blue as the sky, you will indeed enjoy a breathtaking trip.


Fun Fact: Whenever I travel, I bnb' hop; meaning that I stay at different locations for the span of my trip (mostly airbnbs). I spend most of my days away from tourist spots into local communities. I love to experience the authentic culture and of course, enjoy God's work of art...nature. So, if we're alike and you appreciate lil' getaways with a view, you're in luck! However, (don't worry, I didn't forget about y'all lol), I definitely mix that in with some days in the tourist area, just to enjoy city life. Think about rural stays as getaways for relaxation/serenity and urban stays as areas for fun & flexing ;) Either way is adventurous!

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