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1. Beach House (PLAYA HERMOSA)

Overview: This feels very homey, it's simple and beautiful plus we got the best view in the house! It's literally on the beach, so you can hear the waves from inside the room and the patio is a huge plus to just relax and enjoy the view. There are barely any bugs here and we never saw any in the room. The black sand on the beach tends to get extremely hot in the daytime unless wet or cloudy. The host is also friendly and helpful, and most things are within a 10-min walking distance. 


Price per Night: $$$$  < $100

Cleanliness: High

Comfort: High

Privacy: High

Space: Moderate (perfect for <2)

Full kitchen? No

Check in/out: Host checks you in

Amenities: Common area & pool, private parking, stove, AC, refrigerator, microwave, patio.


Town: Playa Hermosa

Neighborhood: Lively, friendly

Environment: Rural

Safety: High

Great for solo trips? Yes

Accessibility to markets, restaurants, etc: High

Transportation: Uber, taxi

Food delivery: UberEats


What's to love?

Amazing view, sound of the ocean waves, no bugs, friendly neighborhood, easy accessibility.

What's to dislike?


What's to manage? (Doesn't bother me, but would preferably have it another way)

Slow wifi, toilet water pressure is low.

Rating: 5/5

2. Jungle HOUSE (Uvita)

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Overview: If you love to be fully immersed in nature, this house is for you! The music of the jungle will constantly be on repeat; birds, frogs, bugs, monkeys, etc. it is never silent here, even indoors, because the ceiling windows have no glass, just a net screen. One important thing to note especially for jungle-living-first-timers is that it gets really loud at night (refer to the video above for audio). Most of the animals here are nocturnal so there is a higher activity at night than in daytime. During the day, what you mostly hear is birds chirping but once the sun goes down, it's lit for the gang. You will hear some sounds that you can't identify but not to worry though, it's nothing harmful. Being up in the jungle, there are some poisonous plants, spiders and snakes however, they are almost never sighted in the area (just be cautious). The bugs here? oo boy! They are active! Always keep the net screen shut and close the doors quickly whenever you open them. At night, light bugs as I like to call them (moth, flies, etc. attracted to light) find a way to get close to whatever light is on inside the house and the longer it stays on, the more insects gather. This was my only indoor insect problem but it wasn't that bad because they were small and trust me, insects freak me out. Now, the views are spectacular! In front of the house sits the ocean and behind sits lush green mountains so beautiful that you'd never want to take your eyes off it. This house is located up the mountain so the road up there is rough and steep (4x4 is highly recommended). Also, the location is not easily accessible so renting your own car or hiring a private driver is needed, taxis are difficult to find. The neighborhood population is very little and spread apart, however, this specific house has a neighbor right next to it and the caretaker lives on the property. There is also another bnb located on the property so you have people close by even though you barely ever see them. The caretaker is also incredibly helpful, she made us feel comfortable!


Price per Night: $$$$  < $250

Cleanliness: High

Comfort: Moderate (animal sounds)

Privacy: Moderate (no curtains / other people on property)

Space: Moderate (perfect for <2)

Full kitchen? No

Check in/out: Self check in

Amenities: Pool, private parking, stove, fan, refrigerator, patio.

Electricity: Solar system

Rating: 4/5


Town: Uvita

Neighborhood: Quiet

Environment: Jungle/mountain

Safety: Moderate

Great for solo trips? No

Accessibility to markets, restaurants, etc: Moderate

Transportation: Car rental, private driver

Food delivery: No


What's to love?

Amazing views, bird songs, fast wifi, fast communication with caretaker.

What's to dislike?

Loud animal sounds at night, no microwave, no curtains, partially closed ceiling windows.

What's to manage? (Doesn't bother me, but would preferably have it another way)

Indoor light bugs

3. Jungle VILLA (Uvita)