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The Badu Dass Bob 1 by Chioma Obiegbu @dreyafrica (bottle cap wig named for the Dassdanech People - Ethiopia on the Omo River in the Omo Valley (also Kenya and Sudan ) was imaged and designed as a tool to make music. 
In my art collabs , I love challenging friends/ artists like 
@lillianshalom (opal grills) or @soullogun (copper hair pins) to create tedious and difficult works. They accept the challenge. So Then We inspire one another to be greater. 
Still, I am always amazed at how much more magnificent things turn out than first imagined. Through our combined intentions the THING evolves into magic. 
Like much of the jewelry and adornment in my work, there is great emphasis put on tone and vibration (the weight , the number of beads or jewels, colors, the materials etc.). When I imagine that I am creating a powerful tool, the cells that make up that tool mimic my thoughts.
ABRAKAHDABRA ( we create as we speak). In our research for this piece, I learned many beautiful things about the DAASANECH ( DASSANECH) tribes’ people and their customs. Much like all tribe-based, indigenous cultures all over the planet, there is this common element of sacred ritual and homage payed to the ANCESTORS ( those in our family line who came before us ). This attracts me. I understand this. 
It is the way. It is THE WORK. 
So This piece is not only a reminder of who we were but also a gentle reminder to self that we are HERE and THIS IS NOW. 
Each time the metal caps on this piece clap together I am sending a purposed , programmed message of LOVE through the elements. 
It is a prayer for relief from drought in The Omo Valley. It is - with all my might - WILLING strength and relief for the girls and women who are victims of FGM (female genital mutilation) practiced in this region. 
Or... just for a PEACE and STILLNESS to wash over this planet, our school called EARTH.

- Erykah Badu


Art Director: Erykah Badu

Headpiece by Chioma Obiegbu

Opal Grills by Lillian Shalom

Copper Hair Pins by Soull Kehinde Ogun

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